UAF A&P’s 2020 In 20 Milestones

A illustration showing four joyful female figures holding hands and moving in celebratory circles.
Artist: Vidushi Yadav

“2018 was a year that saw virulent backlash against human rights defenders across Asia and the Pacific, and coincidentally, it was also the first year of operations for us at UAF A&P. The need for strengthening the resilience of movements to bounce back from risks becomes imperative now more than ever.”

Five female figures smiling and looking at the camera while holding up purple-coloured copies of a report.
Virisila Buadromo (UAF A&P), Michelle Reddy, and Erica Lee with the authors of the study.
Ten female figures standing close in a line against a large sepia photograph, looking at the camera and smiling.
UAF ReSisters with Monica Aléman of Ford Foundation in March 2020.
A text and illustration-heavy poster containing pink-coded sub-headlines and paragraphs. Central headline states, Resilience.
The ‘Resilience Infographic’ featuring the words of women and non-binary defenders and activists who participated in UAF A&P consultations. Artists: Medhavini Yadav and Vidushi Yadav
An illustration showing a section of a blue curving hill and a rising sun. Headline states, Lessons on Risks and Resilience.
The cover of the 2019 UAF A&P Annual Report. Design by: Vidushi Yadav
An illustration showing a long-haired female figure swimming in blue waters dotted with fish, lotus plants, and greenery.
The quote poster created to mark International Women Human Rights Defenders Day 2020. Artist: Harini Kannan
A female person with shoulder-length dark hair who is wearing a white shirt and is sitting at a desk speaking.



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