Thank You for Your Immense Support Through 2021

Text ‘Thank you for your immense support through 2021’ reads against a mustard yellow background. The image is surrounded by illustrations of a pink bird, a pink butterfly, white glitter, a brown woman pouring white fluid and a pink plant being cared for.
The text in the image reads “20 Countries. $1.99 Million Worth Grants.” in dark blue against a purple background with illustrations of a pink bird on the left bottom, and motifs of flowers on the right.
20 Countries. $1.99 Million Worth Grants.
An illustration of a group women and non-binary defenders of Afghanistan sitting against the background of an airplane.
The Taliban takeover of Afghanistan

Individual Giving that Supported Human Rights Defense

An illustration of two women exchanging a flower, with text the ‘Thank You’ written above this flower.
Thank you for your continued support.

Donate to Support Women and Non-Binary Human Rights Defenders of Afghanistan



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Urgent Action Fund Asia & Pacific

Urgent Action Fund Asia & Pacific


A regional women’s human rights and feminist fund that protects, strengthens and sustains women and non-binary human rights defenders in Asia and the Pacific