Rising Pacific Feminisms

Love, Care, and Rebellion

Nalini Singh, Executive Director, Fiji Women’s Rights Movement
Illustration by Hafsa Ashfaq

“We are very small populations, and our ecosystems, which are so diverse — everything is at risk.”

“Often we hear that we’re too small and too spread out, in relation to the remoteness of our locations, the size of our populations, and the varied needs we have. That it’s too hard should not be an excuse.”

“We in the Pacific are often neglected because our day-to-day struggles don’t leave us any time or space to reflect on the macro picture.”

“Our legacy will be practicing leaving no one behind — it is something that has been, in my view, co-opted by multinationals and even by the UN system into a slogan now.”



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Urgent Action Fund Asia & Pacific

A regional women’s human rights and feminist fund that protects, strengthens and sustains women and non-binary human rights defenders in Asia and the Pacific