Thank you for your care and generosity

In memorium: Tatiana Cordero Velásquez

By Mary Jane Real and Virisila Buadromo

“It’s so much darker when a light goes out than it would have been if it had never shone.” — John Steinbeck

On 13 April 2021, the Urgent Action Funds lost a key pillar of their sisterhood. Tatiana…

We look back at a tough past year through the lens of organisational landmarks and learning.

A illustration showing four joyful female figures holding hands and moving in celebratory circles.

In early 2019, we wrote this;

“2018 was a year that saw virulent backlash against human rights defenders across Asia and the Pacific, and coincidentally, it was also the first year of operations for…

Mary Jane N. Real, Co-Lead, Urgent Action Fund Asia & Pacific

A person & a child tend to a green, flowery field. Three patterned cloths on a line billow in the wind as the sun shines.

The COVID-19 pandemic has sent us careening into the unknown. We face it with much anxiety and dread because what is not known or not certain drives us beyond the limits of our comfort zones. …

Its a new year and a new decade! We stride into 2020 as a two-year old niche grant-making regional fund working across Asia and the Pacific with women and non-binary human rights activists. Over the last two years, we have provided grants amounting to US$350,000 to activists and networks across…

Urgent Action Fund Asia & Pacific

A regional women’s human rights and feminist fund that protects, strengthens and sustains women and non-binary human rights defenders in Asia and the Pacific

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